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A Berna Original Poem **The One**

Daddy, I learned what a real man is from watching you..

Over the  years you’ve shown me you’re proud of all I do

Always saying remember ‘ Your Daddy loves YOU’

As I headed out into the world full of great BIG dreams

You taught me tough lessons; that all isn’t always as it seems

Yet ..

In my innocent naiveté


My vision blurred by a rose-colored monocle

Even in present tense..

You rose to my defense

No matter the offense

Your words ‘I’d kill a rock over YOU’ rang always in my ears

My Daddy loves me! became my silent mantra on my darkest nights

And there have been many..

Your Alphaness/Your Leadership/Your Compassion/Your unwavering discipline/Your knack for figuring out the tough stuff!/Your intelligence/Your avid love of reading & knowledge!/Your hearty laughter/humor

ALL of that sums UP to what I want in a man, nope!, it is what I neeeed in my ‘The One’

Nothing less will do or I’d rather have none

The lessons you taught me without ever even trying


IF I think about that long list now I’ll for sure start crying

As the tears flow

I certainly know

You’ll gently stand by till they cease~

The strength I feel now within my heart

Earned from Life’s heavy! hammer upon my back


time to time..

Whilst in my background you always reminded me of where I’d come from

That there was nothing I couldn’t survive or DO if I set my mind on IT

You see..

Its because YOU believed in me always that I now STAND

Even sans my ‘The One’ , yes! you taught me I CAN..

So I’m all grown UP now & have finally found my way

All that you’ve given me; I could hardly ever repay

But just find comfort that I’m sincerely happy doing ME

I’m ever evolving into the person God created me to B~

And even once I’m again my ‘The One’s ‘ loving wife

You’ll forever & always be the #1 man in my Life.

Happy Fathers Day Daddy!

Love always and always, Bernadette

 ~~My UNsolicited AfterWord~~ EVERY little girl deserves from BIRTH not only a Father; but a Daddy! A girl’s first impression of what a man IS..stems directly from her own Dad or lack OF. Think about that for a minute & the impact that can have on a girl-to-woman’s life. The relationship between a girl/woman and her Daddy WILL(not maybe..) affect every love relationship she has with a man in her life. Exclamation point. Period. Thus, I feel its highly important for men to be engaged Dads..for doesn’t the lack of impact all of society in the long run? Yes! it does in far too many ways to list here. IF you make them; tend to them! Would one make a cake? Then walk away from it & leave it unattended in the oven? Hecks no..and a child is something that does not ask to be created. ANY man can bring a child into the world; it takes a REAL man to raise them. Regardless of happenstance of the relationship that the child was born of; children need to be raised by , at the least!, both parents. One thing I can’t respect is a man who did NOT have a hand in raising their child. In my world there is a word for that; and I won’t disgrace my poem tribute to my Daddy by printing it here. But if the shoe fits; U already know. I hope Fathers out there reading this realize YOUR importance. Material things, above a child’s needs, do NOT matter. When said child is grown? They won’t recall the Iphones, Xboxes, or over-priced designer clothes you purchased or couldn’t afford to purchase..what they will forever recall is your LOVE. I’ve found its when we have the least material possessions that the preciousness of  Love is recognized in our lives..Or least thats the way I see IT. 2 All the Daddys/Fathers/Pops/Pa’s out there heres wishing you a very , very HAPPY FATHERS DAY. *You are appreciated/needed!/honored/adored..LOVED*