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I know I can’t possibly be the only one whose mind has a mind of its own…Its a phrase I’ve grown fond of & claimed as my “own”. Or is that called daydreaming? What about if it occurs at night though? While awake so it does not qualify as a …dream. Well anyways just a couple of evenings ago, while wide awake, I was pondering over how a simple WORD can soothe me. Not even when I’m in need of soothing; or least consciously. Then today quite unanticipated I wound up making a comment about WORDS@Words can heal…Coincidence? Maybe, Maybe not>

THINK…of the impact our very words have on lil babies..Fresh & pure they first learn of our native tongue from our lips. Our inflections when we say words. Our facial expressions when we utter words. Our body language as we verbally express words..I find this a highly important topic for that & many reasons…I wish, I wish, I wish I’d been more cognizant of that when my sons were babies. Thanking my God & lucky stars! that  love always  flowed through; even times when I was angry. But what IF it hadn’t? Our societal reality is that some babies are raised with & taught hatred…WE  have a choice how we use our words to teach, soothe, comfort , encourage, praise!, and oh yes, spread love..>

With words I’ve discovered & re-discovered I can lift myself to higher mood levels..I , finally, learned how to write-through when I’m going-through ‘ish..Allows me the positive benefit of never having to rely on artificial chemical mood lifters. Nor will I ever…long as I can write & talk..especially on rainy days. I’ve become my own best comforter and it just feels; good. Add music & I’ve got my own piece of Heaven right here on Earth>

I’ve a gift for gab that try as I might! I can no longer deny..

So I don’t~

Depends on my mood how many words I’ll use 2 reply

Sometimes I won’t!

*Word* manipulation on paper is my preferred way to express

Like now~

Can lift myself higher & higher so I’m rarely ever depressed


…….Ever think about the times you wish, wish , & wish some more; that YOU could take words back you’d said to someone in haste? You try to clean it UP and say you’re sorry but the damage is done. So done! Folks can forgive you for saying dumb arse stuff; but they can’t forget it. I know because I’ve tried. Rewind the tape in my mind/try to replace other overlapping thoughts over the words/but the words are still there in my memory. Said. Can’t be UNsaid. Just isn’t possible..but what is certainly possible..is the inherent ability we have to weigh our words. Even though far too often we don’t..>

As I’ve evolved/grown/matured to a perfect present state of ripeness I manipulate the words I utter & write..About 90% of the time..Still working on the other 10%(I’m a constant work in progress progressing progressively) of times I respond to others with not-so-nice-words. I can hang with the best of the best that like to throw jabs with words. Translation? I can use my words/my mouth as a weapon IF I feel the need to. Though alot of times I think my niceness is misinterpreted as a weakness..Its not. I’m not. My preferred state of being nor my  natural state isn’t to be a bitch; but I know how to use my words like a bitch if the need arise. Real talk for real ..Jeez I digressed badly …Anyways great majority of the time I choose to use words to encourage/praise/spread the joy I feel/and to let love flow..Surprisingly enough sometimes people don’t know how to take it. As IF folks aren’t used to it from people they don’t know in a close manner. Until people get used to me I get looks (& sometimes verbal questions) that say” Are you for real?” And the answer is , Yep, I am. And I’m working on getting real the other 10% of the time..>

So in parting if any of my words have hit close to home..THINK..just remember we all have a choice. Every time we open our mouths to speak..A wise woman once shared something with me. My exMominlaw. And she was already my exMominlaw when she taught me this valuable lesson. I was going “through” or trying to; a multitude of feelings of awfulness(for lack of a better word right now) after my divorce from her son. So she took me on a ride to Skid Row in Los Angeles. At first I was horrified! And made sure my door was locked because people were coming towards the car..then? She opened her window and starting handing out bills of money to them…One by one as they walked up to t he  car and every one of them knew her. But? It wasn’t just money she was handing out…to each person she said something lovely! About their beautiful smiles /bubbly laughter/lovely baby they were holding/or offered advice & suggestions. I had never seen anything like that in my life…I grew quiet as I watched the scene before my eyes. When we left she said…” I wanted you to see that your present situation isn’t near as bad as you think it is. I could’ve just told you; but showing you will impact you far more. And I always want you to spread joy even when you don’t feel like it..Let your big heart flow in your words to others..”

I’ve never forgotten that ride to Skid Row. I’ve never forgotten the smiles & smiles from the words my Mominlaw shared with the residents..Smiles from people who were living on the street in cardboard boxes! They had little yet they were still able to smile..I’m always amazed at the quick bounce-back flexibility of the human spirit! I’ve never forgotten the lesson she taught/showed me that day. And ever since then I’ve been letting the love inside flow with…words. Until I write/read y’all again stay UPlifted & blessed. 4ever sincere, Berna(the 1 & only)