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**Psychographic Profile: West Coast Men VS East Coast Men**

My very first request-sort of challenge-dare to write a piece on a certain topic..Stemming from a comment I made on a fellow blogger’s page(and she has an awesome site here@NottakenNotavailable; which is listed on my faves list) Here is my best foot forward in meeting that challenge. Y’all  ready ? Get set. Diving in feet first…>

Disclaimer: Feeling a need to first give a shout OUT to all my Cali friends..Love & miss y’all!(xoxoxoxoxox) To my new East Coast friends mad regard & appreciation for y’all as well..You’ve made my transition far easier than I ever anticipated. But as I am nearing leaving my dating hiatus; there are a few highly discernible differences I’ve noticed in MEN from Coast 2 Coast..Best as I can I’ll be fair to both coasts. Lets rap>

Style of Dress: It’s no secret that I adore Cali; and I’m sure I always will. But without a doubt the MEN here; outdress those on the West Coast. Mayhaps its because shorts/T’s/sandals can be worn majority of the year on the West Coast(beautiful weather & NO rainy season) ; is the reason even business dress is more relaxed than the East Coast. And while I still highly appreciate seeing a ‘fyne brother wearing the heck! out of a nice pair of jeans & a T..there is NO substitute for a well dressed brother in a suit.(or shirt & tie)  OMG talk about a work of pure art. Moving quickly off that topic before I digress..>

Personality Characteristics: Though I’ve only lived on the East Coast for just shy of 2 years,  yikes time flew!, I think a fair sum UP of the personality types of men is true to the known stereotypes. West Coast men are far MORE laid back, free-flowing, casual, peaceful, healthier!  & liberal in their beliefs. Having said that I also personally found men on  the West Coast to also be more; consistent in every way. Which I dig ! and is mandatory in my book. And though its been said Southern men follow the unspoken & spoken rules of a gentleman; I’ve found that case to be much more true for brothers I met/knew/friended/married on the West Coast.  I could be wrong; but my sense of people is usually true to a T. East Coast men appear to stick to their stereotypical qualities such as unfriendly, prim, stressed the hell OUT(need to take a chill pill for real…a natural one of course ) ,UPtight, and conservative in their views & dress. And I know those sound like funky qualities but I mean them in a respectful way..Sorry guys if nothing else I’m going to keep it real & call it the way I see IT. Lets move off this topic before I piss off the male friends I’ve got here. ‘Lubs’ y’all I do!..>

Attitudes/Behaviors:I don’t even know where to start with this topic; the differences are MAJOR. Personally? I don’t think East Coast men dance enough! Nor laugh enough..maybe the stereotype , which I’ve found to be true, about West Coasters being happier cause they dance, dance, dance and laugh ALOT. My first girls & only girls night out dancing here? OMG I’ve never EVA in all of my life experienced anything like it. Perhaps its the place we chose. Perhaps its because the large majority of guys there were much younger. Perhaps they just didn’t know how to dance! I’m trying to think of any excuse for it..BUT there we were a group of very attractive women wanting to dance with MEN. And yet? The majority of the time we danced as a group or with one another..I mean wtH? And one of my friends said thats the NORM here. I looked at her like she’d just spoke Greek to me..I thought and you still come out to dance? Might as well just invite the girls over & dance at home. And then!? Slowly guys started coming onto the dance floor just standing there; watching. I felt like a go-go dancer entertaining them. As IF. I love dancing; I mean I really LOVE to dance. And even if I have to IMPORT a man from the West Coast to marry ; there will be dancing and lots of it in my relationship. Never knew that was something to add to my ‘must-have-in-a-mate-list’. Jeeez and here I thought ALL brothers could dance…Can’t they? LOLLL Well they have up till I moved to this coast! There is something to be said about a man who can move on the dance floor..Enough said. Moving right along >

**I’m not finished yet..Truth hurts sometimes but here it is..**

I’ll be gentle BUT..My #1 pet peeve is ..When a person says something stand by your WORD. Say what you mean & mean what you say. I don’t know how to translate the language of I-might-if-I-think-I-can-and-if-I-run-into-scheduling-conflicts-I-will-let-U-know-after-the-fact. Nope! that doesn’t work for me. It might fly once or twice with me; but 3rd time around? You get tossed back into the pond with the rest of the fish. With the invention of cell phones/texts/emails there is NO reason a person can’t connect to re-schedule or cancel..I know cause I’ve done it. Cares less if you have to send a smoke signal or a message in a bottle..I must say this wasn’t ever an issue on the West Coast.>

Final Word: This piece was all in fun based on some true facts. I’m a great observer; probably because I’m a half-glass full type of person. I don’t miss much..All in all I’m pleased to say I’ve made several outstanding male friends here. Which is saying alot considering the short time I’ve lived here…One stands out among all the rest. Almost instantly became a trusted friend, confidant,  & mentor. Stays true to his word; every single time. And even juggling a schedule full of many balls IN the air; not once has he disappointed me in promised projects or ventures.  But then again he’s not originally from the East Coast…Until I write/read y’all again stay UPlifted & blessed. 4ever sincere, Berna (the 1 & only)

21 thoughts on “**Psychographic Profile: West Coast Men VS East Coast Men**

  1. I think you nailed it! I’d definitely have to use the word “uptight” to describe many of the people I called casual acquaintances and even friends on the East Coast, whereas “laid back” only begins to describe guys (and gals) in my neck of the woods (although Colorado hasn’t had anything that can be called a coastline in millions of years, so I’m not sure it’s fair to say that I’m on the West *Coast*). Then again, since I was born and raised on this side of the Mississippi and moved back here after just a few years out east, I might not be the most impartial source out there.


  2. I’d say that East Coast types can be very different too. There’s probably as much difference between people living in Boston and those living in rural New Hampshire 2 hours away, than between average East Coast man and a West Coast man.


    1. Waving my X friend! Ahhhh ok now thats a different perspective I’d not yet heard..Oh, as for the reader issue not showing all of my faves daily? I’m just going to stop by your page daily to check if you’ve posted; problem solved. 🙂


        1. No worries..I know your schedule is tight these days..When I visit I’m playing catch up with your older posts..I read one earlier today..I didn’t realize you’d been blogging for a bit now..3 years or so..Nice. I’ve not made a year yet; but I’m a true W.P. junkie so I’ll be around a while..


            1. Lol! Well that is the part that I’m addicted to..Reading all of the other blogs..Though admittedly I’ve got a list of faves that are my regular stops..Every once in a while something will get F.P’ed and I wind up digging it so much that I add them to my list of faves..But honestly? I don’t find many of the F.P’ed are half as fabulous, as the blogs I run across cause someone on my reader list has re-blogged..


  3. Your environment has a lot to do with attitude…and your attitude has a lot to do with your OWN environment…I am from New York…not there at the moment….but there were times NY stressed me out to no end…getting a smile was like winning the lotto from me…these days i’m more chill so they come more often…I figured hell i’m not going to let a place define me…nor should we…interesting observations…I like…


    1. Oooo I was so hoping you’d hit my spot on this topic; and you didn’t disappoint. Couldn’t agree more on all that you’ve said..however..(well least I didn’t say BUT) I love the fact that you evolved to decide not to let a place define you. Took me a long time evolving to a “phase” of not letting circumstance, location, nor people define my mood, my attitude , nor my beliefs. I personally think life is a life-long process of evolving(from experiences); I just happen to love the phase I’m in right now. And holding it..but as I was saying..stress ages people. (adds lines to ones’ face, is awful for overall health, and its proven smiling can lift moods inofitself) I’m not trying to speed UP the physical aging process; I’m holding it right here for a minute. Not to say there aren’t times when I don’t feeeeeel in the mood to smile myself; but I try hard to will myself out of those moods. Matter of fact had to do that just last night..My Cali ex was hard to get smiles out of . His daughter said she’d never seen him smile more than with me! Yet, it was hard to read IF he was truly content because he smiled so infrequently. And I’m alot of things; but a mind reader I’m not..I do hear where you’re coming from though..I appreciate, as always, your male perspective..Loved IT


        1. Trust & believe I’m very much living in the moment..a lust for life that won’t be denied nor dimmed..matter of fact headed to a FunkFest right now..Anthony Hamilton is the top artist..and Salt & Pepa is on the line up too..I’m beyond excited..Oh, btw I’m friends with both of my Cali ex’s(exhubby & ex) Oooo I do so look forward to future posts from you and interactions my newest W.P. friend..I’ll be popping in & reading you before the weekend is over


            1. Lisa Lisa, SOS Band, Salt & Pepa, and then Anthony Hamilton. Major park on the water with tons & tons & tons of people..Looked like a Black Sea..The expected rain never came..Sun was shining & it was hot for a minute(and then someone walked by & gave me a hand fan that felt like heaven!) The DJs that started things rolling on the stage got everyone all pumped UP ..the acoustics were astounding & I could feel the BASS in my body(which I love) ..and I danced for 5 straight NONstop hours..I was high on a 3 ft wall so I felt like a go-go dancer Lol! but my VIEW? OMG sooo many prospects that I didn’t know about in this city..OMG..IF I hadn’t been with a male friend I’d be married by now LOL ..The view was that good..I saw so many beautiful brown bald heads attached to fyneeeeness that I thought I was in Heaven. OldSkool still reins..and I think the last stop of the tour is Atlanta..IF you can get a chance to see the FunkFest 2013..GO..You won’t be disappointed.


                1. You’ve not really looked at my blog page if you can think you’re old my friend…On the 4th of July my 50th is coming UP..And I’m sooooo excited about it. I’m planning the party of my life..I’ve never planned a party for myself till now..I cried allll day when I left my 30s..and now? I can hardly wait for 50 to come because this is the phase of my life that I’ve worked so hard to get to..Everything is falling into place, finally..There is only one piece missing…Anyways I digress. You’re truly only as old as YOU feel..People tell me all! the time they think I look like I’m in my 30s..they are s hocked when I tell them my eldest son is 30…shocked!


                    1. There is a phrase I heard last Sunday headed to church, right? On the Gospel station and I don’t know the name of the song or the artist. I’m trying to find it lol! And the phrase was”Thank you GOD I don’t looook like what I’ve been through!” And that my friend is something I’m thankful for..But I also take care of my BODY, my MIND, and my spiritual being..It is a constant daily process. I don’t go a day without working out, taking care of my skin, praying!, taking care of where I am AT mentally & spiritually…I do this everyday…It is a must..You will get there also I’m sure of it..Remember this nothing happens by accident. Nothing. It was odd how I found your blog site..Very odd. The connection will be good for you. The connection has already been good for me….


                    2. Words can heal..There is such power in words..I’ve grown, evolved, to know that..It is why I am ever mindful of saying hurtful words now..We have only just begun in this journey Mocha(ooo I’ve loved the sound of that name since I first laid eyes on it) and its going to be good. So good. Just let it seep in and enjoy the flow..I’ve got to get ready for church..Bit by bit I’m going to read all of your words/thoughts on your page. I’m just getting started & I’m eager to read more when time permits


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