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Herstory ..

From my front row seat the view is fabulously  splendid

Huefully rose-colored in more than one way

Once a wallflower yet now having my say

Skillfully I dance upon this tight rope called Life

Hanging ON when the clouds bring with them strife

Withstanding dark days with less & less protest

Stimulates growth

Gracefully aging and feeling the most; my best..


From then to here to say the least has been..long




My spirit and voice now sing a SOULful song

No longer do I feel a need to belong

For I am free to be uniquely ME

At one with myself to just..Be

Knees buckle but still I stand back UP

Not half as easy as I make this look

Chaos in the world can’t shake my beliefs~

I have arrived

Life is a journey and not just a rat race



Far more to me than just a pretty body & face

Scratch beneath the surface


I was reading up on an entirely different topic recently; when I ran across this one. Odd thing IS, I’ve been accused(and rightly so..) of viewing life through rose-colored glasses/always looking for the good in people/seeing things sunny side UP/viewing the glass as half-full and not half -empty..What folks don’t know; nor do I bother taking time to explain; is this wasn’t always the case. But truthfully? Life is so much better and fulfilling in this phase of my journey..Everydangday is a party; almost. Or rather close enough>

Digging deeper..—” A University of Toronto study provides the first direct evidence that our mood literally changes the way our visual system filters our perceptual experience suggesting that seeing the world through rose-coloured glasses is more biological reality than metaphor“…

In short, is your reality different than mine based on how you view things? Or is reality a concrete concept?>

“Good and bad moods literally change the way our visual cortex operates and how we see,” says Adam Anderson, a U of T professor of psychology.  “Specifically our study shows that when in a positive mood, our visual cortex takes in more information, while negative moods result in tunnel vision. The study appears in the Journal of Neuroscience.

The U of T team used functional magnetic resonance imaging to examine how our visual cortex processes sensory information when in good, bad, and neutral moods.  They found that donning the rose-coloured glasses of a good mood is less about the colour and more about the expansiveness of the view.”(Quotes taken from ScienceDaily.com)

Couldn’t this translate to not seeing things through rose-colored glasses means having a “narrow” view of things? Likewise folks who do see more of things & given situations? Whats the best view? Does the reality of the situation or the interpretation hold more weight? Haven’t studies also shown a positive attitude is good for overall health & well being? I think so because thats my reality; but I’m open to feedback on whats working for YOU..