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ALERT***Soul searching topic**..I wasn’t going to blog about the Boston Marathon bombing incident..Now I can’t not blog about it..A situational question that I feel is begging to be answered is WHY? WHY do people SNAP and do irrational, spur of the moment, INSANE, UNprovoked,  harmful(& potentially harmful)  things towards other people? WHY do these incidents appear to be happening more often?  EVERYWHERE and NO where is safe anymore…>

Disclaimer 1st=** The above picture(mental illness picture)  I used is NOT how I feel about this topic. Its simply a picture I found to illustrate some of the popular thoughts out there on this subject matter. If you’re an American living in America..You’ve heard it also. Moving right along..

Can you answer these questions honestly? Do you feel completely safe anymore : At the movie theater? Dropping your little ones off to school? Sending your teens off to a college campus? Walking into an airport? DRIVING with unsafe drivers who drive while texting/on their cell/putting on makeup/simply distracted mentally/driving while INSANE/driving while drinking/driving while all drugged up? Participating in a marathon? Breaking OFF a potential relationship with someone? Having a minor disagreement with someone over trivial matters? Looking at the wrong person the wrong way?(WTH?) Do you feel completely safe just minding your own business-breathing-living your life to the fullest? >

Isn’t feeling  safe a basic  human right? What happens when that human right; crashes into another person’s human right to BE..mentally unstable?>

Little by little we’re losing what once were BASIC entitlements of living life in a so called FREE country…What is so free about not feeling safe in all of the aforementioned places? Pretty much EVERYwhere except for home. Home *sweet* Home. I can’t lie most days I am on a mission to just get home to relax..So I can exhale AFTER driving in bumper-to-bumper traffic or in backed up traffic..all I can think about is GOD please just let me get home. I just want to LIVE to see another day..people riding my fanny(bumper), people NOT paying attention, people speeding, and today? I won’t even mention today’s driving fiasco; I’m just glad to be ALIVE.

We all know life isn’t always fair..The people who were killed & injured in the recent Boston Marathon bombings came to realize just how true that is..Why weren’t they safe that day? Why aren’t we outraged that OUR safety is being snipped away , daily, and not even slowly anymore..Its happening more & more frequently. We’re not even over the Sandy Hook shootings & now this..Is our new reality to become that we aren’t safe anywhere? Have we become so desensitized that this has become NORMAL? Outrage for a quick minute & then back to our daily grind from week to week…WHY aren’t more people wanting to know WHY? Is it that  parents are  raising monsters? Or LACK of raising children with love ? Or is it letting VIOLENT video games babysit children causing violent grown UP people? What causes otherwise normal looking /acting people to just SNAP? Or were there signs/symptoms all along of mental illness that went ignored? What ARE the signs? WHY aren’t more people asking the question, WHY? I don’t have even half the answers; but I do have a strong desire to feel SAFE. I’ve lived in cities backintheday you could sleep with your front door unlocked/windows down..I’d like that safety net back again. Basic human rights are worth fighting for,yours & mine, aren’t they?