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This is THE Tyson Beckford…The oh! so perfect way to kick off a shirtless eye candy Friday..OMG one of the wonders of the WORLD..At 42 years of age he truly is a sight..Without a doubt eye candy & once again shows that Black don’t CRACK..I believe in taking care of one’s body and aging gracefully too..I’m so happy that Tyson has, does & hopefully always will take care of that body..Lawd! There ought to be a law against looking that GOOD.A work of art for sure! >

So the secret is OUT..I like ’em Big & tall(least 6 ft..I’m 5’4 I want to look UP so far I get an ache in my neck looking up at my man) BLACK, Bald, HOT , confident, Bold, Driven, Funny!, SMART, and yep, fit ! But enough of the surface talk..back to shirtless eye candy Friday>

*sigh* Needs no introduction. Shemar. Shemar! OMG Shemar..I won’t get started talking about this slice of Heavenly wonder; or I won’t be able to stop>

!!!! ..thats what I think about him>

You’ve got ALOT to be smiling about Will..SMILE my brother smile!>

Ahhh well I cheated a little bit on my 1st ever shirtless eye candy Friday..BUT no HOT line UP would be complete without Denzel..WOW..Even with clothes on he STILL rocks it..Just like a fyneeeee wine it only gets better with time. Until I write/read ya’ll again stay UPlifted & blessed. 4ever Sincere, Berna(the 1 & only)