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WARNING: I tend to take this topic seriously…So if you are one that gets easily offended & can’t deal with reality; U might not want 2 read any further.

Y’all ready ? The road might get a little bumpy; but I guarantee it will be worth the ride*

Urban dictionary definition = Blame it on the liquor : When a person does stupid things, later making excuses that it was the alcohol, that made him/her do so. A: ”Dude, it wasn’t me, i didn’t pee on that car!”
B: ”’Yeah, blame it on the liquor…”

While some of ya’ll reading this might NOT want to hear about the negative impact alcohol has on the body; I’m going to break it down anyway. And for the record..I used to drink socially once upon a time ago. So I’ve personally experienced quite enough to speak on this topic; and its highly personal. Back then the LAST thing I’d have wanted to hear/or read..was any of this. However,  just mayhaps some of the youth out there reading this OR grown folks who don’t really yet know..just might find this info interesting and/or life changing. >Alcohol negatively impacts one’s body in countless ways. It has adverse effects on the brain, heart, LIVER, lungs , digestive system, and the skin.(very fast way to age the skin…)

Brain: From the first sip, alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream and reaches the brain. Although you won’t be aware of it, there is an impairment of brain function, which deteriorates further the more you drink.>>When I drank alcohol, I was a classic example of this happening. 2 sips into a drink I could feel the impact….from the very first time I ever had a drink. (and my sensitive body system  couldn’t handle holding even a drop of alcohol; never was there a time that by nights end I wasn’t vomiting it all up. Not a day since have I hugged the toilet like that! And I never want to again..) By end of the first drink; I was LIT. However, hardly ever was 1 drink enough. Out dancing & having fun drinking was all a part of the process..or so it was back then. Now I honestly feel I have MORE fun without drinking. Plus! I get to watch live entertainment from all the drunk folks who provide unbelievable laughs for me..and I can remember to tell them all about it the next morning.

Heart: Your pulse quickens after just one unit. Alcohol is a vasodilator – it makes the peripheral blood vessels relax to allow more blood to flow through the skin and tissues, which results in a drop in blood pressure. In order to maintain sufficient blood flow to the organs, the heart rate increases. Your breathing rate may also speed up…

Digestive system:The Government advises men to drink no more than three to four units a day and women no more than two to three, so after two pints of normal-strength beer (four units) or a large glass of red wine (3.5 units) we have already exceeded our healthy guidelines. The alcohol is absorbed through the stomach and small intestine and if you are not used to it, even small amounts of alcohol can irritate the stomach lining. This volume of alcohol also begins to block absorption of essential vitamins and minerals…

Skin: Alcohol increases bloodflow to the skin, making you feel warm and look flushed. It also dehydrates, increasing the appearance of fine lines. According to Dr Nicholas Perricone, a dermatologist, even five units will lead to an unhealthy appearance for days…So girls/ladies/chicks/women? IF at 50 yrs old(my age) you want to look like you’re 100 yrs old? Drink UP..I’m personally & sincerely ELATED that= I don’t look like what I’ve been through & done in my life. I’m truly blessed! And I thank my God & lucky stars every single day. Real talk 4 real..

Lungs:A small amount of alcohol speeds up the breathing rate. But at this level of intoxication, the stimulating effects of alcohol are replaced by an anaesthetic effect that acts as a depressant on the central nervous system. The heart rate lowers, as does blood pressure and respiration rates, possibly to risky levels – in extreme cases the effect could be fatal. During exhalation, the lungs excrete about 5 per cent of the alcohol you have consumed – it is this effect that forms the basis for the breathalyser test…

LIVER:Alcohol is metabolised in the liver and excessive alcohol use can lead to acute and chronic liver disease. As the liver breaks down alcohol, by-products such as acetaldehyde are formed, some of which are more toxic to the body than alcohol itself. It is these that can eventually attack the liver and cause cirrhosis(which is said to be an AWFUL thing to endure IF its even survived)

Now folks reading this that don’t drink might wonder..WHY in the heck would anyone ,  knowing all of the above, ever drink? Why wouldn’t they stop once they knew? But..look in the mirror and ask yourself this question. “Do I have a habit that I know isn’t good for me healthwise? ” IF the answer is NO ; then keep throwing stones and asking the above questions. Also , you’d be one of the only person  on earth,that I’ve ever heard of,   with NO bad habits. I’d actually like to see what you look like up close…Folks over-eat, folks under-eat, Folks eat junk food, Folks smoke cigs, Folks do drugs, Folks take prescription drugs, Folks do NOT exercise on a regular basis, Folks stress (and that is NOT good for health..)…the list goes on & on & on.  All the while knowing it isn’t good for them..Moving right along>

Why is any of this important? Because folks are dying at alarming rates from drunk drivers, youth from alcohol poisoning, and not to mention alcohol helps to cause people to be over-weight. And as a country we lead in obesity rates; which is NOT helping our country’s health insurance issue..(another topic for another time)

Why do people drink in the first place? Why can’t one have a funky good time withOUT needing a buzz or a high from alcohol? That is the question that just begs to be answered. BUT the only person who can answer that question..is the person who drinks to that point….

drunkbond1What is the bigger issue behind the symptom? Yep, my take on it is that drinking alcohol is a symptom..Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out..Some folks drink to forget painful memories. Some folks drink to forget stress in their lives..as IF that same stressful situation won’t be there the next day. The difference? Now they’ve got a hangover and problems to solve..not a pretty picture. Been there done that during & after my divorce..and its been so long since I quit that now? The cost of a drink is about the cost it was for a bottle back then…OMG! And last night I heard that a shot can cost over $100. For a shot! Some high priced premium drink(that I never heard of before..) ..but I was horrified at that news flash. I could buy  an entire clothing  outfit for that cost of that one shot of liquor. But we all have our priorities and our crutches to deal with this on this ride called LIFE. Is it peer pressure causing the youth to drink at younger & younger ages? Is it the fact they see their parents drink & thus think its alright? Why aren’t more folks that finally saw the light & QUIT;  standing UP to say the real deal about drinking? Shame? Denial? I’d be more ashamed IF I didn’t say this to my own sons & to anyone’s children who will listen…IF only for a minute. I’m just elated! that my soul can rest easy that I never killed anyone drinking & driving…which is part of my testimony. My God KNEW I’d not be able to live without having a tormented SOUL had I harmed someone…and I hold my hand UP high guilty for having driven after drinking backintheday. It isn’t something I’m proud of..but I’m also very happy I learned from my transgressions. And I had OUTSTANDING friends(shout-out to my Cali lifelong friends , I love ya’ll!) who learned to take my keys BEFORE we went out…First & foremost though thanks to my GOD for getting me to the other side of that phase of my life. Lesson learned and torn-apart heart completely mended…

Many reading this won’t truly appreciate what I’ve said here; until something happens to ‘force” you to look in the mirror..and make a change. There are many people that self-medicate…not just with alcohol. My belief? Once one loves themselves, totally, they don’t need vices to make them feel good anymore. Nor a crutch after a rough day or life-altering situation like divorce..