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>>the Are U Racist test..Hint=If U start a sentence with I’m not racist because..<<

This topic comes UP alot these days..It came up recently while I was chatting with a friend; I decided then I was going to bring it to my blog to dialogue. A taboo topic that need not be taboo IF folks could/would..speak openly & honestly about IT. Very hopeful to make that happen here as I do what only I can do; the way I do it..Sincerely & with finesse, somewhat?>

>WASHINGTON — Lawyers for Arizona, a state that has clashed repeatedly with the federal government on the issue of immigration, will be back at the Supreme Court on Monday defending a state law that requires proof of citizenship in order to register to vote in elections.

< I want to be clear before I dig into this topic. I’ve had issues with Arizona’s proposed citizenship law; since its very inception. Living in California at the time & quite in-the-know-about-politics(I once ran for office long ago..) ; I understood the law for what it was/IS. Voter suppression. Point blank. For the record there are already laws/statues in place for voter identity. (to ensure folks that vote are indeed American citizens) The proposed Arizona law desires measures in ADDITION to what the Federal law already requires(according to the National Voter Registration Act) Take into account Arizona didn’t introduce the idea for this law; until a very eligible Black American ran for President. Also take into account Arizona was one of the very last states(they held out, with New Hampshire, until they received a litany of heavy criticism) to make MLK, Jr birthday a paid state holiday.  Coincidental? I don’t think so…Lets dig a bit deeper>

We have a fear about talking about RACE ISSUES in America..Its like a dirty little secret that the ENTIRE world knows about(that our country was built, including majority of D.C., on the backs of slaves…) and yet; it’s not talked about openly in public. Because of this being factual is my belief that racism can still exist in our country. Or least that is one of the reasons .  Can’t work to erase something that “allegedly” is already dealt with…But even a blind, deaf-mute  knows that the days of racism/racist attitudes/racist beliefs/racist tendencies are  far from over>

*I could keep my head buried in the sand..Act as if racism is truly dead in a country I love..On a daily basis living as a Black American woman I’m not physically touched by racism..But our Black men, America’s Black MEN, are catching HELL..As a mother of 3 grown Black beautiful Black men I simply can’t pretend racism is dead. As an American I can’t turn a deaf ear & blind eye either. How many more Martin Trayvons, Chavis Carters, & Oscar Grants have to die for us to openly discuss race issues in our country? Very well could’ve been one of MY sons..two of whom are fond of wearing hoodies from time2time. To think the unthinkable could happen to them or ANY law-abiding citizen in our country; is more than I can bear to think. And more than enough to motivate me to use my freedom of speech to speak on IT..yet another thing I love about my country@freedom of speech & thought. I think therefore I blog>

I wonder everyonceinagreatwhile IF I weren’t Black if I’d care so much that racism still exists..IF I were privy to White privilege would I feel racist beliefs/treatment were unjust? IF I were White would I turn a blind eye to people’s freedom & lives being taken away without justified reason? I’d like to think I’d still feel the same as I do now. Matter of fact I’m almost willing to bet I would; because I’ve got an enormous heart. Wrong is wrong no matter the color of a person’s skin/ethnic background/cultural foundation/personal belief system. 

If you start a sentence with, I’m not racist because…More than likely you probably are or have racist tendencies. And for the love of God; I wish folks would stop saying I’ve got Black/White friends so I’m not racist. As IF! I’ve said it before & I’ll say it one ‘mo time; that only means you’ve got Black or White friends. I don’t try to dis-prove or UNprove anything; or least I try not to. What I attempt to do is love & accept everyone..That inofitself has been something that is an on-going process. As I’ve evolved as I’ve learned more about different cultures and life styles; my level of acceptance has broadened. I really can’t express it any other way..So read between the lines. I believe that IGNORANCE is what lies as the foundation of racism & prejudice. What folks don’t understand or know about; they often form negative opinions about. What can also feed a person’s belief system is = what they’re taught as children. Thankfully I was taught self-pride/cultural pride/LOVE. But what about children that were taught to hate from birth? I wasn’t one who thought racism would die overnight because we’d elected a Black POTUS. Rome wasn’t built in a day; and something it took many moons to create will take more than a minute to change…What I do think is that as a country WE can do better. The next 4 years will be a time of great positive change for our country..Or so its my belief based on many factors. That is another topic for another time. However having said all of that; there is NO time like the present to do what is right. I’m hoping we can do it together. *One love*

10 thoughts on “>>the Are U Racist test..Hint=If U start a sentence with I’m not racist because..<<

    1. Hey there Volcanosunset, welcome! Trying to get aligned with your thoughts. Or least see if I’m following yours. So would you say that the institution of racism didn’t exist before the advent of capitalism? Could that be why there aren’t accounts of racial oppression/concept of race; back in ancient Greek & Roman societies? And how come knowing this to be factual can’t end it?


      1. It was “started long before Capitalism, even before the birth of Jesus. We read from John 4:4-26 Jesus asked a Samaritan woman for some water, she asked why he a Jew, would asks for water from a Samaritan. Jews do not mix with Samaritans (indicating a rift between the two peoples already) Racism was elevated to an institution during the Crusades. When the Church condoned the killing of non-believers. Many of the sins of the flesh outlined in Galatians 5:19-21. are turning this world upside down. The problems that visit the people of today is because we don’t realize that the Devil is real, because DECEPTION is his strongest weapon. Enough preaching………… If all people will sit down and understand that we are the same in our hopes and in our fears, racism will leave our society. But as long as we allow those with something to lose to continue to keep us fighting each other, nothing will ever change. As children we used to take two newborn puppies and rub them together until they growled at each other, then let them go and they would fight each other. That is what is happening to us now, a fight over nothing.


        1. I’ve got a comment to add here; but first I want to to check out the you tube clip you’ve posted..Time isn’t permitting this morning, but I’ll be back after work to hit this post for sure. Appreciate the dialogue because this is a heavy topic indeed..


        2. >I wanted to make sure I gave myself time to properly address your response..Which I do appreciate for I enjoy reading all opinions & thoughts..Even those that differ from mine. I’ve got to respectfully disagree with you that racism began in Biblical times..I think we interpret differently the scripture you’ve posted..From my understanding /interpretation there isn’t mention of “race” in the Bible. And it does make mention of “differences”; but even people these days of the same race can have differences. Doesn’t hold the same weight as the “race” issues we have today. My belief? I’m going to quote a teacher who says so perfectly what I think about it..Online he goes by the name@donjohn8. You’ll have to let me know what you think about this conclusion.> “Race in America has a specific meaning since it had to do with marking those who did the work Americans at the time couldn’t or wouldn’t do, and when the pseudo-science of “race” was cooked up, it became a convenient means to permanently mark those brought here from Africa rather than from Europe and deviously became institutionalized with the Church playing a role in their subjugation.>


  1. I like discussing this topic because it’s timeless. I’m planning on writing a post one day called “I’m Not Racist On Sunday’s” because I know that I have some racist tendencies (more thoughts than anything else), except when it comes to the house of the Lord.

    I’ll stay tuned for your posting….!


    1. Totally dig! your response & your honest thought process; as usual. You beat me to the punch using that word “tendencies”…Already had my thought process spinning in my head; so you’ll more than likely see it in my post


  2. Lving with the legacy of slavery even the most well intentioned of us are just a tad bit racist. For instance, at my old job there was a discussion on the merits of Obama and one of the women was adamant that she did not care what color he was. Also one of the white ladies at work would always speak in Black vernacular. It very annoying. So, yes, I believe that as a nation that was built on racism, we all are a little!!!


    1. Ahhhhhh I welcome & appreciate your thought process…Prior to this job(the perfect one for me !) I’ve always worked in a very “conservative” environment..Thus I can totally relate to the experiences you’ve shared; and then some. Headed to crack this topic open now>


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