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^Etch-A-Sketch-Moment=When you see something or someone tells you a story with a vivid mental image you would rather forget – you wish you could “erase” the image by shaking your head like erasing an etch-a-sketch. Frequently accompanied by shaking your head back and forth while you say it. Can also be referred to =As That Awkward Moment..Figured it was time to lighten things up for a minute. Especially since I had an awkward moment today and just can’t resist sharing it. If we can’t laugh in this life journey; we won’t make it very far..not happily anyway. Oh, by the way I don’t drink but this image was just too cute to not use it. For those that don’t recall backintheday when we could be entertained by a little etch-a-sketch..you truly can miss out on what you never had! Let that sink in for a minute and get ready to laugh..

>>Ever had someone ask you if you’re mad at them? And you’re really not; you just don’t care to be in their company/share the same personal space as them/and hope to not ever have to carry on a conversation with them(because their constant  negativity is SO draining you just can’t bear IT) I can only think of 2(two)  people I’ve ever met in my entire life(and I know alot of people from coast2coast & overseas) that fall into this category. And this topic came up today, briefly, and to kick this subject matter off this is how I really feeeeel about it(after all never said I was perfect & they did ask…) >>

Have ya’ll ever had an etch-a-sketch-moment or an awkward moment; and when you thought of it afterwards you just fell out laughing? Lol! I laugh sometimes right smack during the middle of it..And if the following hasn’t ever happened to you; then have a good laugh on me reading this. Because it has happened to me a couple times and I played it off as best as I possibly could…>

Now this realization ,without a doubt,  falls into an etch-a-sketch-moment, UGH! >>

That awkward moment when push really hard on a door, and then look at the handle and it says pull…<I’ve done this too..then I look around to see if anyone else saw me doing it, jeeeeeez>

A true etch-a-sketch-moment? When I realized the etch-a-sketch and I share the same birth year. Dang! & WOW  ’63 sure was an awesome year..wooooo hooooo