Ever think about your existence in direct relation to the rest of the universe? Or in regards to the rest of the planet? One step further..Do you often wonder how your actions can(or do they? ) impact others in your family?/in your country?/at work?/in the world? Yep, I’m IN  the midst of a wave of deep thought..and trying to ride it gracefully.

~We’re often told, by the infamous “they”, that living in the here & now is all there is…I’ll dig a little deeper. One time in my life a person, that I hardly knew, told me that I was right where ‘I’ was supposed to be at that very moment. I didn’t want to acknowledge what she was saying; because it wasn’t a very bright spot in my life journey. Last thing I wanted to believe was that it was meant to BE..but now? I see things differently, total-180-degree-type-of-differently

What is IT about humans that we’re far more prone to either ..a. re-play thoughts in our head(as well as verbally & written) about the past or b. create things in our mind about the future..i.e. fantacizing ..and sometimes even in our sleep..i.e..dreams. Not realizing at those times that doing so takes us away from the “present experience”; the now. Likewise wouldn’t this also mean when doing this we’re not fully “engaged & present” to interact with others in our life? Not fair to them when looked at that way ; especially IF they’re already fully living in the  right now..

I’ve learned living in the past and/or the future; meant I was missing out on the freedom and peace in the right now..My awareness of this is SO real now that is almost tangible. I swear somedays I can almost taste it…I think we all know by now; its far easier to learn something than it is to UNlearn something. Including ways of thinking..I literally have had to ‘force’ myself to see the pure and utter beauty in the now. I stop to smell “alot” of roses now. Alot.. And it is so far beyond liberating that even I can’t find the proper way or word to express it fully

I could see how “the past” was creating /molding my present & future…Once I became conscious of that; I chose to make another choice. I chose to forgive the past; and fully embrace the now. And quite frankly I wake UP each morning and leap, almost literally(head rush alot of times doing this; so be careful! ) in anticipation and excitement of a brand new day/beginning. Its like you wake up excited as a child on Christmas Day every morning! With the feeling of “What did I miss and if I sleep one more minute I might miss something”…which could explain why most mornings(even weekends when I’m off work) I wake at O’dark thirty. I never need to use an alarm..ever. 

I used to think life was happening “to me”; instead of “for me”. And I’m  here as a witness to say one(including you if you want to..) can totally change the way you perceive things..but it takes a great deal of work(daily and consistently) and an immense desire to wish to change. Even deeper than the old adage@Nothing changes until something changes, is, one must change their way of thinking before anything can change…I believe in this , not because I’ve heard or read it(which I have..) but because I am living it.

I think we all have a purpose we were born/created to fulfill. A God-given life purpose..for me knowing that gives life meaning. Without such beliefs I think life would be beyond dull and would probably be similar to how a gerbil feels…running around & around a wheel all day long! Day after day after day year after year after year; until death. As IF! I don’t even want to imagine that type of existence..As I reach different levels of consciousness(and I’ve still a ways to go…) through meditation, reflection, prayer, and as I interact with people from different cultures/from different countries/from different backgrounds; what is no longer in alignment with where I’m “at” (my now and my present) is falling to the wayside. Like old hurts from the past. Thus making it easier to forgive and yep, to eventually forget. That being factual inofself has been immensely beneficial for my now; and for my future.  I dig the fact that by living in the “now”; I am being all I can be right now. Not tomorrow. Not planning for when I’m going to do this or that for a rainy day. But right now. And I try very hard to remember this and it helps me to keep things in perspective. ” Whatever is happening in my current experience, on any given day or moment, was meant to BE or it wouldn’t BE”>Until I write/read ya’ll again stay uplifted & blessed. 4ever sincere Berna(the 1 & only)