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**Referred 2 as pseudo- science zodiac signs can nonetheless be spot ON in how they describe our characteristics and behavior patterns. I’ve often been known to say , I’m born under a water sign, to put emphasis on how much I enjoy “all things near or in the water” . Though I do know there is NO scientific proven research to make horoscopes legitimate..Having said ALL of that I ran across a zodiac blog site that has me pegged almost to a T! I thought it would be fun to list a couple of things referring to my sign..Lighten things UP for a minute before I blog on politics. Yep, I can get deep , intense, very analytical, and serious when need be.  So first things first..in case you want to size yourself UP using the site(have fun for a minute!) the site is…http://zodiaccity.tumblr.com/..IF it sums you up to a T please do come back and post the results here…Would be fun to see if the young lady whose site it is was spot ON for other signs as with my sign. I’m a Cancer. Born on the 4th of July..true firecracker ! And if there are any other Cancer’s out there reading this “wave your hands in the air IF this is accurate about you as well”..I’ll narrate with the pictures to point out the few differences.

^This is SO very much me. 2 a T..

^The only thing I do not agree with here is..I am NOT a whiner. Least I don’t think I am!

^THIS is very true..I’ve been my worst critic for a very long time, till recently. Translation I push myself very , very hard. Was awfully nice though to read this tidbit of insight; especially the last part.

^THIS is very true..I call my “gut instinct” my “vibes” and they’re extremely strong N almost never, ever wrong..

^Even though on the outside I appear high maintenance; my needs are very, very simple. And this is true to a T

^I could ADD alot more 2 the sexiness of a Cancer, BUT, I’m keeping this G-rated..Use your imagination and multiply that times infinity! Moving right along…

^THIS is ME to a T..Alot of good characteristics, with a tiny splash of bad. Who wants to be perfect anyway?!? Not me for that would make me boring..

^I loved reading this! Can totally CO-sign because this is me..Had alot of fun with this post and I’m hopeful you peeked at the website and did also@your own zodiac sign. Till I read/write ya’ll tomorrow evening stay UPlifted N blessed. 4ever sincere Berna(the 1 N only)