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Believe it or not I recently made this very comment!@I don’t know what happened but it just exploded I guess..Real talk. Lol! Nope, had nothing to do with trash like the funny pic I posted..but it does have something 2 do with my #4  New Years resolution. …

I’ve gotten to a point where I know I must give up COFFEE. Why? Because I like it far too much…so much so that I blew a coffee pot up recently! I was rushing and yapping(which I do alot of…) and walked away from said coffee pot and came back to a sloppy, wet, MESS. At work no less..talk about embarrassing. Coffee grounds were spread from here to China..and water dripping alllll over the place. A full blown mess. I was sopping up coffee grounds for what felt like days and days and days. I didn’t know that many coffee grounds existed..Apparently the filter was clogged up or something…I didn’t know if the thing exploded or what happened.

Yet another indication I need to quit coffee…About a month ago we attended a health fair at work. Sponsored by our health carrier. I was going through the motions of going to each part of the fair. Including the blood pressure check. Soooo I innocently sat to have my pressure checked. Not a worry in the world because I’ve got GREAT pressure readings for the longest…I was yapping and having a good time with everyone standing in line waiting their turn…BUT then I saw the nurse said lets roll your sleeve alllll the way up. Well that was after she’d just checked it. I still wasn’t concerned…just rolled my sleeve up. She checked my pressure again. Then! she said maybe you should just sit perfectly still for a minute. Wait..whats going on? She said nothing to worry about its just a little high. I said high??? I’ve got excellent readings. I just had a full physical..Anyways she took my pressure again. I asked her this time, what exactly is the reading???? It was SKY high! I said thats not a little high…She said I can’t imagine why its so high you’re not overweight or anything. Are you on any meds? I said absolutely NOT. By now I was getting amped UP..which was only making my pressure rise and rise. Sigh…now all I wanted to do was get the heck out of the chair and leave. I wished now I hadn’t volunteered to even take my pressure! Jeeeeeez. Alll the rest of the day I was wondering why in the world is my pressure soooo high??? I waited till the next day and checked it a near by pharmacy store.(they have those self check machines..) And my pressure was my normal reading! I checked it again and again and again…Long story short I finally figured it out. I’d had several cups of coffee the day before …before having my pressure checked. *slapping my forehead*

Lately I’ve found myself feeeeening for a cup of coffee. Ohhhh NO..I’m drinking it like its Gods gift to mankind. And my energy is already increased cause of the glowing green smoothie + my natural high energy level + the cups of coffee per day= I’m bouncing OFF the walls at a turbo pace. And that is the main reason I gave up my diet pepsi years back..now I drink no carbonated drinks. And I had headache withdrawals from it for almost 2 weeks. I realized then how addictive caffeine is and yet here I am hooked on coffee now. Problem is I like the way it tastes…even when I drink it black. (I don’t do cream or milk ) Why the heck is it that the things we enjoy the MOST in this lifetime are bad for us??? Anyone out there ever think about things like that or is it just me? How come tooo much of a good thing is bad for us? Ever heard that saying? I have…maybe I just over-analyze things. Bottom line is I know caffeine is something I’ve got to give up. Just hoping I don’t find a substitute for it and have to quit that next year! Read ya’ll /write 2 ya’ll tomorrow. 4ever sincere, Berna (the 1 N only)