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I’ve declared 2013 as a year for many things ..I’m kick starting it with treating myself the same way I expect others to treat me. (and the say way I treat them) Which means from timetotime I like to be pampered! How easy its been to have lived a life of consistently outsourcing myself to others..As a mother, daughter, sister, wife, grandchild,niece,cousin,best friend, friend, employee, boss, mentor etc, etc, yada  yada. Now that the time has come when I’ve got alot of “me” time its time to go from this state of being….>>

To this state of being alot more often..>>

Earlier this year for the 1st time ever! my Mom experienced her first day at the spa..All day! It was a Christmas  gift from my eldest son(her eldest grandson) . And though it wasn’t my first day spa experience it was by far the most fulfilling. To see my Mom glow from the full body hour long body massage was an awesome thing to see…To think I’d thought she’d have issues undressing(though behind closed doors in a private room in an all female Spa) and laying down for the massage. She couldn’t STOP talking about it when we ran into each other while waiting for our facial sessions. It made me think of how much of a womans’ life can be devoted to her husband/family..and yet not far enough time devoted to just her own “me” time of pampering Self. For ALL that we DO and all that we take care of , tend to, co-raise, raise, manage, and run..we dang sure deserve to pamper ourselves. And often. So I decided to make it one of my New Year vows to myself ..day spa visits for me & Mom bi-monthly. I’ve already hand-picked the perfect place! It is serene and lovely…>>

I’m down with all of the services the spa offers (I have slept peacefully during full body massages & wake UP feeling totally renewed) with the exception of mud baths & hot rock massages. IF anyone tries to ever put hot rocks on my body; I won’t be held responsible for what comes out of my mouth! As IF. And who in the world created something so painful yet called it pleasurable in the first place??? I don’t know exactly what my face looked like the first time I was NAIVE enough to try a hot rock massage. Oh yep, I did try it once. I thought if  it was part of a day of pampering at a day spa it had to feeeeeel good. WRONG. I didn’t make it past the first rock on my back..no need to even explain here &  now what type of words flew out of my mouth. I couldn’t control it..The next time someone asks me if I’d like the hot rock treatment …the loooook on my face might be similar to this one. >>

Self love is the most important love of all..one can’t offer to another what they don’t have inside of Self. Or feel for self.  So least till I’m no longer riding solo..I plan on doing quite a bit of practicing & increasing my level of Self Love. By time my, the ONE, discovers me I should be a pro. And he’ll definitely reap every single reward of all that I’ve learned… Till ya’ll read me again stay UPlifted N blessed. 4ever sincere, Berna(the 1 N only)