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FRONT ROW SEAT ..An Original Berna Poem

Excuse me if I get a little too deep

No telling where my thoughts will creep

I’ve reserved for you a front row seat…

Allow me to provoke your mental state

As my words  penetrate your ear lobe

May they also invoke you to mentally probe..


When did living life as a facsimile become cool?

Doesn’t originality & uniqueness still rule?

I’d really like to try to fully express

So no need for U to wonder or guess

Whats on my mind

Allow me to unwind..

Deeper N deeper

While manipulating my A,B,Cs to the MAX

Your mind nor mine am I attempting to tax

Lets rewind back a ways in time

When chillaxing  didn’t cost a dime

Virtual world didn’t even yet exist

Life was simpler then ooooO I can’t resist..

Reflecting back for a just bit N taking U with me

Remember the time? as MJ sings it so sweeeetly

~We ride oh! we ride as Mary J says; back in time~

Weren’t  things felt N shared then more intense?


When did the UNauthentic phase commence?

I want 2 go deeeeper

Backinthedays just as Al Green crooned For the Good Times

Attempting 2 grasp a  retro vibe phonetically thru my rhymes

Can I ? GO deeeeper

Please! As I lay down my floetic flow at your feet

Sitting ever so comfortably in your front row seat

Allow me to freeeeely do what only I can do, as I do, what I DO

Sashaying my *words*  onto paper while 2 myself still staying true..

Weaving my way into your cerebral mental table

Just know that I’m oh! So capable N able



Just that

Matter of fact

I don’t require an audience or applause

Bcause I’m sincerely writing for a cause

4 vibing phonetically for me is a releaseee

When penning my flow I’m truly at peace..

Exclamation mark ~ Period