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Welcome all 2 the day after the 21st of December! Yep, I had a feeling we’d still be HERE. Thanks sincerely to my God for giving me yet another day to get closer to fulfilling my God given purpose..

Always wanted to join a bookclub N yet for one reason or another haven’t. Solution? Starting my own!  Whenever I complete a book I’ll post my review here in this category…feel free if you read the book to also post yours here N if you’d recommend it as a must read or not.

I’m going to open this with my number ONE pick/read for 2012. It was recommended to me by my eldest son & is a book that changed my life! Sounds dramatic, right? But it is true. Reading this book changed how I eat, when I eat, how I exercise, amped UP my energy level by 85%, cleared my naturally oily break-out prone skin, got my digestive system running at an elevated level,  dropped 4 sizes(yep! and I was only trying to drop 2 sizes..), firmed/toned my body, made my hair healthier, etc.

The name of the book is “The Beauty Detox Solution” by Kimberly Synder. She’s a clinical nutritionist , fitness expert, & founder of the holistic health company called KS 1Life. The concept of the book is NOT a diet but a change in eating to eat healthier. The book quickly became a best seller and I’ve now read it back to back..twice. I believe in testing books before purchase so I borrowed it from the library several times. And was on a waiting list every time I wanted to renew the book..it is that HOT of a read.

I’ve got to add here that starting on the Glowing Green Smoothie drink is how I began 6 months ago..and it took alot of effort to continue past Day 1!. When I first began on the smoothie I had to literally eat it with a spoon! It was that thick when I made it according to the book. And I’d bought all organic veggies N I refused to let that money go to waste. Organic IS expensive..I’ve since tweaked the recipe so now I can actually drink it with a straw. I began with 6 oz a day and I’m now up to 55 oz a day..that I drink by noon. However, because I dropped so much weight(and don’t care to lose anymore) instead of 6 days a week I’m drinking it 3.5 days a week. I suggest starting off slowly and backing off a bit if you lose too much weight too fast like I did…

While I’ve not yet dropped meat from my diet..as the book hints is best(but I love meat too much!) I do take a daily probiotic as suggested in the book. Believe it or not ingesting that many raw greens can back your system UP..or least it did mine at first. One would think it would be the opposite but for me it wasn’t. Taking a daily probiotic packet did the trick for me. There is alot of effort & discipline involved to continue to make this smoothie to consume the amount I consume. Plus! it doesn’t stay fresh long in the fridge..max I’ve let it stay is 1 day. And I’ve not yet frozen it. I only bought organic my first batch. The amount I consume would cost FAR too much…so now I buy pre-cut pre-washed kale(yep, bitter but I use kale because it has the most nutrients…)  and spinach. I’ve added an extra apple/banana/and frozen strawberries to the recipe also. Still bitter! but not as bitter as it was. Once the results were so evident to me I quickly grew to endure the taste…it is worth it to me healthwise.

If anyone out there decides to try the smoothie feel free to ask questions here N I’ll do my best to answer them. And as with anything new you implement check with your doctor FIRST.  Enjoy the read & please let me know what you think about it…

home cooking: "get me glowing" green...

home cooking: “get me glowing” green smoothie (Photo credit: wyn ♥ lok)