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Acts of kindness..Thoughtful acts done for strangers ..Anonymous gifts 2 those in need..Gifts given 2 friends in need that won’t ask for it ..I recently did something for someone and felt really good about it! Something they thanked me for profusely when I told them their wish had been granted..It wasn’t even something that took me great effort other than 2 ask a favor of someone else I hold in great regard/respect..Then just now I saw something on the news, a good story for once!, about a policeman who bought a pair of boots & gave them to a homeless person in need(someone he ran across often & knew needed boots) Brought on this line of thought…

Do NOT think before acting on thoughts you have of spreading gooooodNESS..just go with the flow. For often we can talk ourselves out of doing such things! So when you see a homeless person with a sign that says need money, do NOT think or worry they’re running scam, just GIVE what you can! For who knows you just might be providing them with the only meal they’ll eat that day. When you  physically see/hear of someone you know/love that is in need of something, do NOT think it out, just GIVE what you can! When you have an opportunity to help someone at work by doing a little extra, do NOT think, just GIVE of your extra time to help them out! When it comes time to donate time/money for families in need(Thanksgiving/Christmas or any time) do NOT think, just GIVE freely of your time and what you can monetarily! The list could go on N on but the point has been made…Do NOT give expecting a thank you or reward; give freely from your heart. It comes so naturally from mine I don’t even stop to think nor can I resist the urge to give…It has been said(another old priceless adage..) that when one gives freely they receive back TEN fold. I can hold my hand UP high as a testament that that is very true…I’ve been blessed and I am blessed.

I do hope that sharing this flow of thoughts moves some1, anyone!, out there 2 give freely to someone in need. Just knowing that my words could possibly make that happen gives me great JOY. Have a wonderful , blessed day full of love N laughter..4ever Sincere the 1 N only, Berna