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*All to often , actually majority of the time ,I am my toughest critic! In my quest to reach my potential  I finally acknowledge I’ve got to love myself completely  before..I can be fully ready to receive the love from a man I so crave N desire. Coming soon is my love letter to myself affirming the things I DO  like about myself instead of  the ever-growing list of things I’m working 2 improve upon. I’ve come to believe, at this phase of my lifes’ journey that in order to move forward its NOT normal to be so hard on ones’ self..Its taken me many moons to “see” the good things about Self..that others so easily see. This love letter has a 2fold purpose= a form of an “out loud” affirming chat with Self(so much more therapeutic than just “thinking” thoughts) N to also share with others a way to also get to know/explore  themselves. Having said all of that this still isn’t an easy letter to pen. So I’m taking my time. Its probably the most important letter I’ve written in my entire life. And so very personal. Later on 2day I’ll let the words flow..

~~~~Dearest Self..I do hope you accept that this letter is so long overdue. I’d like to attempt to wrap my arms  around you with my words. Ever hopeful also that my words rain down like warm liquid love.  For its taken many moons for sure but finally, yep finally, I love YOU. I’ve taken a couple of days to make sure I get this list complete N with utmost sincerity. I keep hearing over N over how special you are and I think these are the reasons why thats true:

YOU are very  strong yet so honestly   vulnerable..N that vulnerable quality makes you very sincere

YOU are honest to a fault at  times..but its your honesty that makes you so trustworthy

YOU are very, very kind..N it just comes naturally which is indeed rare these days

YOU are determined as a  bull and when on a mission you’re ..relentless

YOU are many “ables”..lovable N adorable are 2 that first come to mind

YOU are soooo funny, clumsy!, and often quite silly

YOU are very intelligent…N worthy of the Masters’ degree you’ll be again seeking Spring of the upcoming year(yea!)

YOU are witty N have a ton of book smarts..thats important!

YOU have no street smarts..which makes you still have a bit of innocence about yourself

YOU are reliable N trustworthy..makes you an excellent worker bee N a great friend/confidant

YOU are multifaceted..means you’re never a bore to yourself or others

YOU are sexy N downright sassy at times..N it is a natural part of your personality not fake

YOU are a fabulous dancer! wowwwww

YOU are quick  to admit when you’re wrong..proud of you for this took many years to learn

YOU are a very, very loving/nuturing Ma,Moms,Momma..the fact there is nothing you’d not do for your 3  Black Princes is AWESOME

YOU are full of life, love N laughter..your laughter comes naturally from the inside out

YOU have remained standing even after going thru, under, N over some back-breaking/mind altering experiences..learned to buckle but not to fall down N to dust self off and not give completely UP

YOU have finally learned humility..and thats a beautiful thing to have seen happen

YOU are so very compassionate…this is another rare quality these days

YOU are a genuine loving daughter! …this comes so naturally to you and its simply beautiful

YOU are not afraid to still strive forward to reach your goals/dreams

YOU have worked hard to re-invent self…keeping the good parts N leaving behind what was self-defeating which isn’t easy

YOU are becoming the person you knew long ago  you could BE and I am proud of US..oh how long it took to say N feel that

YOU are sensitive N emotional…realness begins with these 2 attributes

YOU are becoming the type of person you’ve always admired when seeing these qualities in others

~I look forward with great anticipation of meeting the person YOU will B when you reach the highest level of  your God Given Purpose..