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Single Sista’s Anthem(Message to my younger Sistas)*An Original Berna Creation*

Alright ya’ll I’m amidst your ranks so don’t get angry nor mad

But I’ve got a few things to say I collected on my mental notepad..

Notes I saved along the way of lifes’ journey  for myself

Dusting them off N taking them  down from the shelf

N its about high time

2 lighten it UP by rhyme

Which is what I do best

So let me address..

While I can’t agree with all Steve Harvey wrote about..

Though it made for an excellent read no doubt(yep , I read it)

I have to admit he did indeed make *some* good points

N to some of you what I’ve got to say might disappoint

But 1 must stay true 2 themselves at the end of the day

I sincerely now believe what I’m about to lay down & say

WE can often send very mixed messages to our brothas

Wanting a husband yet we all to often accept a role of a lover

Have we forgotten what our Dads  taught us long ago about getting free milk from a cow??

When a man won’t wait for our “treasure” our response should be …ciao!

And yet we think we can change him all the while knowing its not so

One day we look UP and wonder where did all the precious  years go..

As we waited relentlessly for a frog to change into a Prince

Until we no longer have even got ourselves convinced..





The beauty of life is each day brings all of us a new chance

To re-evaluate our position & re-think our stance

Whilst we wait for ‘the one’ to discover us we have to work on US

We must stop throwing our own selves under the bus

The added bonus of being in a state of singleness..a plus

Is time to get our shiiite together.. pardon  me if thats too brusk!

A goal of mine is to keep it real with myself N likewise with U

And I’m in a phase of my life where to myself I first vow to be true..

By manipulating nouns N verbs I pray my message is seeping through

Stead of worried only about what a man is bringing to the table

Shouldn’t we be more concerned with making sure our lives are  solid..stable?

Lord above gave us all the tools N skills to be fully capable N able

WE rein supreme as the 1st Mother of ALL mankind

Any man who can’t see our attributes has GOT to be blind

“I” once lost myself  but now by the Grace of God I’ve found “me”

For 2 yrs now I’ve sworn to celibacy/learning to love ME/and taking time to just BE..

Single by choice and building UP every  single part of MY life ..I am finally, finally so FREE

I say to ya’ll with the utmost respect, sincerity N bonded by blood in  Sistahood

Love starts from within and only then will a Brotha love us like he should

WE are far much more than a pretty face, curvy hips N  big butt

R* E *S *P* E *C *T starts with how one thinks of oneself

Mama taught me long ago even if I only had one dress on the shelf..

Dress for success..So looking my best is 4ever on my mind

Translation: Cover UP your breast  N your big  behind!

Sexy,  doesn’t mean we have to be naked or half nude

Heck in American society that’s still considered CRUDE


One isn’t trying to attract a husband N instead a pimp

My message is clear ..via words I will not ever skimp

Lyrically using  every part of the alphabet from A thru Z

Praying with all my might ya’ll are really feeeeling me

As I try to relay my lifes lessons  learned the hard way

Trying  hard to keep a floodgate of  emotions at bay

Hoping my poetic flow can help save a young Sista from wasted years  N heartache

For it can often take many moons 2 recover from heart~break

If ya’ll take away nothing more from my collection of mental notes

Let it be said that I tried to infer a lot more than what I actually wrote..


In my heart of hearts I know God created a man who was born to love just ME

When he discovers me he will look upon me with familiarity

He will see my warm  inner spirit and soul through my eyes

Cherish me as if he’s won the worlds’ biggest lottery prize

Loyalty won’t be an issue*he’ll be worthy of my trust

He will know that with me communication is a must


What I wish for you is to know/feel these same things

Know that you were CREATED to be loved & adored by a KING

N though I’ve saved this type of love for my very last

I don’t possess a crystal ball nor  Alice’s  looking glass

Yet I yearn for you to take heed N learn from my past

Strive for YOUR  goals and to your dreams stand fast

Everything about you should represent a beautiful Black butterfly

I’m hopeful you’ve read something here that to your life you can apply..

_Bottom Line_

Always love yourself more than even the ‘flyest  guy


When he discovers you 2gether you’ll experience the highest of highs(Real Love)